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Why choose Qalista to prepare for your job interview?

96% of the candidates we have interviewed over the years suffer from issues regarding two main points:

Self-introduction and Question-handling

Therefore, they have difficulties standing out from others candidates and providing their interviewers with relevant information, leading to more stress and lower success rate - despite their actual skills for the job.



Boost your impact and confidence by learning and practicing the right content, structure and delivery with our exclusive SBP technique (Skills Based Pitch).


Reduce your stress by knowing you can correctly treat most of questions and interruptions from your interviewer.

Interviewers' expectations

Improve your chances of success by knowing in advance what your interviewer truly wants to hear from you.


Take control of your recruitment process by understanding the big picture and by correctly treating the flow of information.

What is Qalista?

Our assets for you to use

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    All our coaches have consulting management experience interviewing hundreds of high-level candidates.

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    Our expert coaches are ready to meet you in Shanghai, Paris and Geneva for face to face sessions.

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    Training Centers

    Yes, we do have training centres in downtown Shanghai!

author profil

Alice C.

Business Analyst, Banking

October 2018. I got the job! Thanks to your training the interviewer was visibly impressed with my skills and this good confirmation when I got the offer for the job I really wanted. I’m super happy especially as this one seemed out of my league, thank you!

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Nicholas Z.

Automotive Hardware Engineer

October 2018. A successful career change thanks to Qalista. For a long time I had wanted to change sectors while staying in engineering, but going in automotive had been more difficult than expected. Then the Qalista training allowed me to really understand what the interviewer needed from me and how to give it to hime.

author profil

Yuliang S.

Engineering Graduate

September 2018. I was so anxious about standing out. I had no idea how interviews were supposed to be carried out, I just kind of thought if you were good the interviewer would naturally see it. So I just focused on my studies. Thanks to your training I made a lot of progress and I got the position that all my classmates wanted!

author profil

Chen W.

Web Project Manager

September 2018. I originally doubted the efficiency of such trainings. After all, I could find a lot of information on internet. But after training, I realised that I was doing many things wrong that could only be corrected by someone pointing them out

author profil

Lianfang G.

Management Consultant

September 2018. When I targeted one of the top companies in my field, despite the many hours of preparation I had gone through, I felt quite anxious. I really appreciated Qalista’s responsiveness and flexibility to help me make sure I was 100% ready

Our clients have had successful interviews with:

How does it work?

  • Diagnostic

    We organise a phone conversation together to understand your situation, your targeted positions and companies to give you some first tailor-made advice and prepare our session together.

  • Coaching

    After having reviewed and prepared according to your personal situation, we conduct a 2-hour training session in one of our centers ahead of your interview, focusing on the key points you need to improve.

  • Follow-up

    We call you before your interview to remind you what to focus on, answer last-minute questions and again after your interview to debrief it with you as well as anticipate the next steps in your interview process.


Our Services

With Qalista, a few hours of training can already have a positive impact on your interview success rate. Get the training you need now!

  • Essentials


    • 2-Hours face to face Coaching
    • Stand out from 60% of applicants
    • Identify improvement points
    • Learn and practice an efficient pitching technique
    • Understand how to handle difficult questions and interruptions
    • Correct their most prevalent mistakes and detect key habits to develop
  • Advanced


    • 4-Hours face to face Coaching
    • Stand out from 80% of applicants
    • Practice dealing with difficult types of interviewers (aggressive, interruptive, expressionless…)
    • Master upstream information search techniques
    • Spend more time practicing to obtain the most
    • Precise personal tips and recommendations
    • Follow-Up
  • Expert


    • 8-Hours face to face Coaching
    • Stand out from 90% of applicants
    • Take control over the interview and the interview process
    • Gain the upper-hand on your interviewer
    • increase your negotiation power
    • Focus on a specific company or on the most prestigious companies in your targeted sector
    • Premium Follow-Up


Watch this selection of our videos to learn some valuable information and improve today!.

  • Introduction

    The common introduction style and why it is not the most efficient

  • Skills Based Pitch

    Demo of our contextual introduction based on skills

  • Question Handling

    Coming soon!

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Coming soon:

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    DongHua University

    “How to stand out during your job interviews”? - Mai 20th, 2019.

  • customer

    JiaoTong University - MIB

    “How can international business students better perform during interviews in Shanghai”? - April 10th, 2019.

  • customer

    Tecom job fair

    "Differentiate yourself!" - March 23th, 2019.

  • customer

    Tongji University - SEM MBA

    "How to stand-out during your job interviews" - January 18th , 2019.

Qalista is Growing

  • 850+

    Hours of cumulated coaching.

  • 97%

    Fully satisfied clients (2018 Q2 customer statistics) .

  • 3+

    Offices around the world.

  • 150+


Coaching as a gift!

Do you know someone who is currently undergoing interviews with international companies? Get them a useful and original gift!.

Our Story

One day,

After starting my 8th interview of the day to find engineers who would be willing to come on board ASAP (we had an urgent client project to take care of), I was starting to lose confidence in my ability to do so. It seemed difficult to differentiate all the candidates I had interviewed that day and I was nowhere closer to getting a qualified engineer onboard.


This last interview felt like a breath of fresh air. No matter that I was the last one in the office, no matter that I thought I could not bear anymore, this candidate got to me and presented his skills so clearly and with so much energy that I actually wanted to stay longer and talk to him some more.

That’s when it hit me. Recruiters like me were all around the country struggling to find the right employees and people all around the country were struggling to get their points across, seeing job interviews as painful necessities instead of seeing them as productive exchanges between two people.

And that is what we are, in the end: people. It is therefore at this point that we decided to start Qalista and make this exchange between two people - a job interview - an experience to look forward to, with the right kind of preparation. Increased success rates, more opportunities, improved negotiation… Everybody wins.


we have helped more than 150 professionals and graduates improve their job interview skills, cumulating a growing 850 hours of coaching in 3 locations around the world!

So welcome to Qalista, where together we will transform your future job interviews into exciting offers.


Our Coaches

Hailing from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, all our coaches are trained to best help you apply the Qalista methods while adapting to your specific career background and plans.

  • Romain

    Consulting - Information Technology - FinTech

  • Philip

    Finance - Accounting - Functional Management

  • Hadrien

    Consulting - Engineering - Automotive

  • Emma

    Communication - Marketing - PR

We work with

  • customer


        TECOM is China's first Tech and Entrepreneur COMmunities conference. TECOM brings the most dynamic, engaging and vibrant communities under one roof to showcase their value, their mission and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Shanghai metropolis.

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        Famously known around the world, WeWork brings professionals from all walks all life together and stimulates the creation of projects, companies, etc. WeWork Labs is WeWork’s global innovation platform powering the next generation of industry transformation by helping startups and corporations create the future.

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      Tongji SEM

        The School of Economics and Management (SEM) of Tongji University develops the professionals needed by China and the world who are capable of using their knowledge and skills to solve practical problems through high quality research in focused areas of management and through the networks the institution builds, both academically and professionally.

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      C. Classified

        China Classifieds is a community of international professionals about innovation and who are looking to accelerate growth, build networks around startups, scaleups and corporates.

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        MEWlink brings together businesses to foster growth and create an environment where professional networks can meet and expand, creating valuable opportunities and development dynamics.

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        WeHustle helps startups, scaleups, and corporates find Chinese-English bilingual and foreign tech talents with the right mindset, expand professional networks and meet tech innovators.



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